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Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Wayne State University School of Medicine
540 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201


  • Nermin Gerges, MBG Graduate Student. Cyclins. nermin.gerges(at)
  • Paul Albosta, MBG Graduate Student. Drosophila Cyclin J. palbosta(at)
  • Thilakam Murali, Ph.D., 2013. Bioinformatics; DroID development. au2033(at)
  • Phillip Selman, M.S., 2013. BMB Program. Cyclin J. pselman(at)
  • Dumrong Mairiang, Ph.D., 2012. MBG Program. Dengue-host protein networks
  • Dongmei Liu, Ph.D., 2010. MBG Program. Drosophila Cyclin Y
  • Govindaraja Atikukke, Ph.D., 2009. BMB Program.  Drosophila Cyclin J

  • Bernie Mangiola, M.S. 2008. MBG Program. High throughput screening & robotics

  • Aleric Soans, M. S., 2007. MBG Program. Peptide aptamers; high throughput screening.

  • Svetlana Pacifico, M.S., 2006. Computer Science. Informatics and Java programming

  • Jinhui (Julie) Zhong, Ph.D., 2003. MBG Program. High throughput yeast two-hybrid strategies

  • Nishi Patel, B.S., M.S. 2002. Biology. Drosophila protein interaction maps; cyclin J

  • Jennifer Fonfara, M.S. 2000. MBG Program. Technology for generating interaciton mutants

  • Mikhail G. Kolonin, Ph.D., 2000. MBG Program. Drosophila Cyclin J in embryogenesis and peptide aptamer technology. Current Address: University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center mkolonin(at)

Past Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Maria Cypher, Ph.D. Research Associate.

  • Kyle Gardenour, Ph.D. Research Associate.

  • Stephen Guest, Ph.D., Research Associate. RNAi screens; genetic interactions.
  • Keith Gulyas, Ph.D. ( 1963 - 2007 ) Research Associate.

    Anton-Scott Goustin, Ph.D. Research Associate.

  • Tom Limjindaporn, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Gouzhen Liu, Ph.D. Research Associate

  • Jiayou Liu, Ph.D. Research Associate

  • Jodi Parrish, Ph.D. Research Scientist.Protein interaction maps; bacterial pathogens

  • George Roberst III, Ph.D. Research Associate, E-mail: groberts0429(at)
  • Clem Stanyon, Ph.D. Research Associate

  • Weili Zhou, M.D. Research Associate (Postdoctoral fellow)

  • Jingkai Yu, Ph.D. Research Associate. Computational biology and bioinformatics; gene networks

Past Members of the Lab

  • Huamei Zhang, Research Assistant. Lab Manager (1999-2011). Protein interaction technologies.
  • Ali Bazzy, Research Technician - Entered Medical School
  • Julie Hines, Research Assistant.
  • Eugenius SBC Ang, Research Assistant - entered a Ph.D. program at Yale
  • Mary Bolin (Mangum), Graduate Student
  • Tamara Brazova, Research Assistant
  • Irene Broner, Research Assistant
  • Divya Chandran, M.S. 2006. Biology.
  • Michael White, Research Assistant

  • Josef Cadwell, Undergraduate, Biology Department
  • Dayna Testori, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 2009
  • Raymond Esper, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 1999
  • Amruta Jambekar, Graduate Student, BMB, Winter 2008
  • Rami Khoury, Graduate Student, MBG
  • Suzhao Li, Graduate Student, BMB, Winter 2002
  • Amelia Quayle, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 2003
  • Subhadra Ramanathan, Graduate Student, MBG, Spring 2000
  • Ramaswamy Sharma, Graduate Student, MBG, Winter 2002
  • Qing Sun, Graduate Student, Pathology
  • Daochun Sun, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 2006
  • Lei Wang, Graduate Student, MBG, Winter 2002
  • Xiaoju Wang, Graduate Student, MBG, Winter 1997
  • Jiajing Wang, Graduate Student, MBG, Winter 2007
  • Zhan Yin (Patrick), Graduate Student, MBG, Fal 1998
  • Sungpil Yoon, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 1996
  • Ke Zhou, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 1998
  • Zhonghui Xu, Graduate Student, MBG, Fall 2007
  • Nermin Gerges, MBG Graduate Student, Roton Winter/Spring 2011
  • Emily Wood, MBG Graduate Student, Roton Winter/Spring 2011
  • Jacob Wingate, BMB Graduate Student, Roton Winter/Spring 2011

Summer Students and Undegraduates

  • Hayley Spence (SURP), Summer 2015, Grand Valley State University
  • Rooshan Arshad, Summer 2015, Wayne State University
  • Danish Khan, Summer 2015, Wayne State University
  • Kevin Wattawa, Summer 2015, Wayne State University
  • Alwin David (SURP), Summer 2014, Michigan State University
  • Brittany Campbell (SURP), Summer 2012, University of Michigan
  • Lubna Saqran, SURP, Summer 2011. Undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College, MA
  • Ali Bazzy, 2009, Research Technician and Directed Study, Wayne State University
  • Joshua Lumley, Summer 2009. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
  • Ryan Lumley, Summer 2009. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
  • Maria Kashat, Summer 2008, 2009, SURP, 2009 Directed Study, Wayne State University
  • Zara Mogilevsky, Summer 2008, SURP. Barnard College
  • Lindsey Brownell, Summer 2007. SURP. Davidson College
  • Vikram Chawa, Summer 2005, SURP. Wayne State University
  • Meghan Hurt, Summer 2004, 2005, SURP. Notre Dame
  • Keyunna Castleberry,  Summer 2002. Cass Tech. Detroit High School Apprenticeship Research Program.
  • Michael Washburn,  Summer 2002, SURP. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
  • Luke Mortensen,  Summer 2002, SURP. University of Toledo.
  • Kory Lavine, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, SURP. University of Rochester. MD/PhD program at Wash. U.
  • Ari J. Firestone, Summer 2000, 2001, SURP. Carleton College.  Ph.D. program at Stanford.
  • Janelle Spratt, Summer 2001, SURP. University of Windsor.
  • Suzanne Pearson, Summer 1998, SURP. University of Guelph in Ontario.
  • Tom Sweder, Summer 1997. Entered M.D./Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

*SURP - CMMG Summer Un dergraduate Research Program

Lab Visitors

  • Antonio Baonza, Visiting student from Dr. A. Garcia-Bellidoís laboratory in Madrid.

  • Brent Passer, Ph.D., Dr. Visited while a Postdoctoral Fellow at the NIH. Constructed a yeast two-hybrid interaction library from human peripheral blood NK cells (see libraries).

  • Wenbo Xu, Ph.D. Former graduate Student in the laboratories of Drs. Michael Shy and John Kamholz. Constructed a yeast two-hybrid interaction library from rat sciatic nerve (see libraries); this was a record-breaking library in terms of the number of independent clones with inserts.

Last modified:  30 March 2011

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