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High Throughput Cloning

Recombination Cloning in E. coli

Protocol for cloning approach described in Parrish et al., J. Proteome Research 3(3):582-6, 2004.; DOI: 10.1021/pr0341134.

Protocols for the LexA/Brent lab version of the yeast  two-hybrid system.

Interaction mating methods in two-hybrid systems

Methods for library screening, interactive screening, and use of peptide aptamers.

Performing a hunt by mating
Our latest two-hybrid hunt protocol update, and the current method of choice in our lab.

Protocol update paper from April 1997
Still a useful supplement to the mating version.

The original two-hybrid interactor hunt protocol
Still a useful place to look for background info, media recipes, and references.

Yeast transformation - LiOAc method

Strains and Vectors

Yeast and E. coli strains

Vector Maps and sequences

C. jejuni GST-His-tagged expression clone set


Finley Lab libraries


Yeast two-hybrid web sites


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