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Yeast Strains

RFY231 - MATalpha trp1::hisG his3 ura3-1 leu2::3Lexop-LEU2. This strain is used for two-hybrid assays, screens, and interaction mating assays. In the mating assay it is usually transformed with a TRP1 "prey" plasmid expresssing an activation domain (AD) fusion and mated to an RFY206 "bait" strain. Kolonin and Finley, 1998. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95, 14266-14271. [PNAS Online]

RFY206 - Mata his3A200 leu2-3 lys2A201 ura3-52 trplA::hisG. This strain is used for yeast two-hybrid interaction mating assays. It can be transformed with the HIS3 "bait" plasmid (expressing a LexA fusion) and the URA3 reporter plasmid, then mated with RFY231 continaing the TRP1 "prey" plasmid (expressing an activation domain fusion). Finley and Brent, 1994. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 91:12980-12984. [Medline abstract]

Y306 - RFY206 contianing the URA3 lacZ reporter plasmid pSH18-34 made by Steve Hanes. pSH18-34 contains a GAL1-lacZ fusion with upstream LexA binding sites (operators).

E.coli strains


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